So if you did not hear, there is a half watt amp that seems to be big with the guitar readings on this wonderful thing called the World Wide Web. 

I thought I would try and build my own variant of it, since I had some parts laying around and a Marshall amp to repair, I though great chance to get a few more parts and build a little variant of this little tone champ. 

The crickett will be my attempt at that. Currently I have no specs, photos or attempts to share, BUT as soon as I gets my act together to finish the build there will be some shots to upload and a few audio clips as well I am sure. 

Til then, you wait with anticipation. 



The original source for the project – BeavisAudio – Noisy Cricket
The tone stack and input buffer came from – Elliott Sound Products – Project 27 100W Guitar Amp


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Anyhow keep watching for more content and information, nothing to crazy or great just my own views on my own personal projects 🙂 and of course a little family pride 🙂

have a great one interwebz. 


“Goodnight and joy be with you all!”